Iconic BSA motorcycles to be distributed by Hardcore Brothers Custom

For the past 12 years, Hardcore Brothers Custom Motorcycles, Inc. (HBCMI) has been the sole distributor of Royal Enfield motorcycles here in the Philippines. HBCMI announces that the company will be parting ways with Royal Enfield.

“After 12 years of a fruitful partnership, Hardcore Brothers Custom ended its exclusive nationwide distributorship of Royal Enfield in September 2023,” said HBCMI President and CEO, Jimmy Barinaga.

BSA motorcycles coming to the Philippines

As one door closes, another one opens. BSA motorcycles will be distributed in the Philippines by HBCMI. “We are excited with the prospect of creating a new movement and a solid riding community with BSA, together with our partners from Classic Legends Pvt. Ltd. As the first territory to break the brand in the Asia Pacific region and outside Europe, we will show Filipino riders a different kind of experience as we continue on having a good wind, safe ride and an endless road of gold,” said Barinaga.


BSA motorcycles – founded in 1919 by the Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited – at its peak was the largest motorcycle producer in the world. It made up 80% of the British motorcycle industry's exports in the late 1960s. The company also enjoyed phenomenal success on the race track, with notable victories at Daytona and Santa Catalina. The company became defunct in the 70s.

In 2016, Classic Legends PVT, acquired the BSA brand along with other classics such as JAWA and Yezdi. Here in the Philippines, the partnership between HBCMI and BSA is Classic Legends’ first foray in the Asia Pacific region. Classic Legends is backed by the Mahindra Group, which is one of the largest companies in India and in the world.

HBCMI and Jimmy Barinaga will be bringing into the partnership their brand building and service expertise honed from years of creating a motorcycle riding movement among loyal and passionate clients of Royal Enfield motorcycles, which it pioneered in the Philippine market in 2011.

Under the stewardship of Barinaga, a marketing expert and an accomplished rider who was part of the first group of Filipinos to ride the highest motorable pass in the world in the Himalayas in 2017, Royal Enfield slowly shattered the market domination by Japanese and American brands on the classic segment of big bikes in the Philippines.