Gulf Oil Philippines launches the Gulf Pride Scooter Oil

With traffic returning to pre-pandemic levels and the demand for mobility even higher than before, it’s important to keep you scooter topped up with oil and ready to go.

Gulf Oil hopes to make these regular top-ups and oil changes easy with its new Gulf Pride scooter oil.

Gulf Oil’s Pride Scooter oil makes topping up easy image

Gulf Pride Scooter 10W40 is a high-performance 4-stroke engine oil specially designed for modern scooter engines  with an automatic transmission and dry clutch. Its low friction formula and unique friction modifier ensure minimum loss of transmission, which in turn ensures faster pick-up and a smoother ride. It is blended from special performance additives and premium base oils with enduring thermo-oxidative stability that protects the compact and enclosed scooter engines operating at higher temperatures and keeps them clean.

Pride Scooter oil comes with a convenient Insta-pour nozzle that makes it easy to top up. No need for a funnel. The nozzle can simply be pulled out and is easy to aim into even the tightest oil reservoirs.

Gulf Oil’s Pride Scooter oil makes topping up easy image

In addition, it is formulated with Insta-Zoom specially designed to enhance the performance of automatic scooters.

“With the NCR and most of the provinces, transitioning to a more relaxed version of the quarantine, we expect our riders who rely on scooters for their daily commute to finally avail of Gulf Scooter Oil, and experience the product’s superior benefits,” said Gulf Oil Philippines, Inc. (GOPI) General Manager, Jaykumar Chandrashekaran. 

Gulf Pride Scooter 10W-40 engine oil can be used on scooters manufactured by Honda, Piaggio, Suzuki, Yamaha and most scooters being sold in the local market. It’s distributed in the NCR, Cebu, and Visayas region by Hardcore Brothers Technologies, Inc. Gulf Oil Pride Scooter oil is also available nationwide thru GOPI’s wide dealer network.