Some requirements were not met

The Motorcycle Taxi Technical Working Group (TWG) has suspended the collaboration between Grab and Move It, citing that some processes were “circumvented” in order for Grab to join the Motorcycle Taxi pilot program.

“Grab, through the collaboration, was able to find inclusion in the study as a de facto member,” said the MC Taxi TWG through a statement. The TWG further added that “Grab’s entry is a circumvention of the processes and guidelines that had been laid down at the start of the study.”

To recall, the agreement was approved by the TWG with the primary intention of getting more data from the general commuters which Grab has the potential to provide through its large subscriber base.

“While we conduct a thorough validation of the complaints and allegations, the MC Taxi TWG has unanimously decided to issue status quo among the parties. The TWG will call all parties concerned and will evaluate the merits while gaining insight from our stakeholders,” the TWG said in its letter to Senator Poe. The letter was signed by B/Gen. Manuel Gonzales (Ret) and P/Col. Joel Pernito (Ret), co-chairmen of the TWG.

The Grab-Move It collaboration was approved on 17 September 2021 by the TWG, and was launched on 23 September 2021. However, the TWG was later informed that the collaboration was not operating in accordance to the agreed parameters and guidelines.

Grab as 4th MC Taxi Player

The TWG said the collaboration between Grab and Move It was suspended after two provisions of the agreement were violated. According to the TWG, Grab’s mobile application was being used to avail, book and pay for a ride service, effectively making it the “4th player” in the MC Taxi Pilot Study, as opposed to using Move It’s existing mobile app.

Additionally, the entire process of training, driver onboarding, marketing, issuance of official receipts and the use of the Grab Driver app was all undertaken by Grab. 

In a letter sent to Francis Juan, president and CEO of Move It, the TWG noted that it appears that both Grab and Move It were not prepared to engage in the collaboration.

The TWG added that by giving Grab a de-facto membership in the pilot study, it gave the impression that Move It has relinquished its operation to Grab.

Meanwhile, the MC-Taxi TWG has assured that it will still pursue the objective of helping lawmakers in crafting a bill that would eventually lead to the legalization of motorcycle taxis as a mode of public transport.

“The MC TAXI TWG reiterates its role in providing the necessary data to the Congress, highlighting the possible legalization of motorcycles as a form of alternative mass transport for Filipinos, ideally focusing on the safety of its passengers and riders,” the TWG said.