Givi unveils new 42-liter Antartica polymer top box

Givi, a top global motorcycle accessories manufacturer, took the wraps off its newest Monolock top box today, the B42N Antartica. The new product was unveiled during a virtual launch, live from Malaysia.

Givi launches Antartica top box image

The Antartica was created with lessons learned through Givi’s interactions with motorcycle riders, and decades of continual research and development. The case is equipped with reflective prismatic elements on each front corner, enhancing the rider’s visibility to others when on the road. It has a 42-liter capacity, allowing it to fit two open-face helmets or one modular or full-face helmet.

Keeping its contents secure is Givi’s Micro 3 Locking System. This latest generation locking system allows the user to lock their belongings securely and easily.

The Antartica is made from high grade Polypropylene (PP), a recipe unique to Givi and designed to ensure strength, security and years of reliable service.

“We saw that the E43 became one of the most popular top cases among motorcyclists everywhere. They loved the large capacity and shape as it allowed them to carry almost anything in just one place… So, that is why the B42N Antartica has a 42-liter capacity and is boxy in shape, but of a revolutionary design and with enhanced visibility. We are confident that this product will do well, despite the current challenging situation,” said On Hai Swee, Managing Director of GIVI Asia.

Givi launches Antartica top box image

“Our world strong presence and understanding of the markets with the combine strength of our R&D offices in Malaysia, Brazil and Vietnam, guided by the quintessential inspiration and style of our head office in Italy, allow us to constantly work to interpreting the changes of taste and customer needs and transforming these in a tangible and strong reality, without never loosing track of our core roots, based on quality, service and longevity. Antartica with is rough and angular design combine the mood and need of the moment, adding a further milestone to our collection,” said Joseph Perucca, Overseas Operational Director of GIVI groups.

The B42N Antartica will be on sale from August 2020 at Givi Points and official dealers like MotoWorld and MotoMarket.