Lifan introduces the KPV150 Adventure scooter

Here in the Philippines, Honda’s ADV150 continues to enjoy popularity among scooter enthusiasts and it quickly sold out every time a dealer gets their stock. That said, it’s a given that other scooter manufacturers would try to jump in on the “adventure scooter” bandwagon and try to take a piece of the pie from Honda.

For example, Dayang has its own “ADV150” version. If that’s not enough, they have bumped the bore and stroke to create the ADV350. Taiwanese manufacturer, SYM, has followed suit with their Husky ADV150, which has drawn a lot of interest during last November’s EICMA in Italy.

Just recently, Lifan has made a few tweaks with their KPV150 to make it more rugged and become an adventure scooter.

Styling and features

Get this Lifan ‘ADV150’ for PHP 122K image

As for the overall styling, we can’t deny that the updated version of the KPV150 draws heavily from Honda’s ADV150 scooter. However, instead of a modern “eyebrow” headlight design, Lifan opted for a rounder LED headlight to give the KPV its own identity.

At the heart of the KPV150 is a liquid-cooled, 150cc single-cylinder with a claimed output of 12 Ps of power and 12 Nm of torque – which is a tad lower than Honda’s ADV150 figures at 16 Ps and 14 Nm, power and torque, respectively.

While the Lifan KPV150 lags a bit in terms of power and torque vs Honda’s ADV150, it makes up for bringing in a couple of features like a fully digital cluster, full-LED lighting, 11-liter fuel tank, inverted forks, dual-channel ABS, and tubeless wire wheels – which is a kind of a novelty on entry-level motorcycles and scooters.

Get this Lifan ‘ADV150’ for PHP 122K image

The Lifan KPV150 will be sold in China with an SRP of CNY 15,820, or roughly PHP 122,600, or about PHP 26,400 more affordable than the ADV150’s PHP 149,000 pricetag.