If you’re visiting Boracay for the summer, expect to see more electric tricycles (e-trikes) from now and moving forward.

The tourist island remains firm in addressing environmental issues in the transportation sector by shifting shifting the Boracay's main form of public transportation to ones that use alternative sources of energy.

Vice Mayor Abram Sualog and also the Municipal Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board chairman has said that it will continue the program to replace gasoline-powered motorcycles with e-trikes in Boracay.

This program will be the local government unit’s (LGU’s) top priority and to prove it, meetings have been set with three different e-trike operators and suppliers, Gerweiss Motors, Tojo Motors Corp. BEMAC and Prozza.

The meeting is to address problems that may crop up from the use of e-trikes.

“We want to ensure that all problems are addressed before we can fully shift to e-trikes,” said Sualog.

There are currently a little more than 100 e-trikes plying the island and the LGU hopes to convert at least 500 motorized tricyles to the program.

The issuance and renewals of permits have been stopped for old tricycles while new franchises will only be given to e-trike operators.