China-based Benda has a bigger cruiser planned

Some weeks back, we wrote about a relatively modern and rugged-looking new motorcycle from China called the Benda BD300. The 300cc motorcycle showed some appealing design and also an agreeable price.

Futuristic 700cc Benda cruiser coming in July image

That bike has bigger brother that could come out soon. It’s called the LFC700. The LFC700 was unveiled at a recent international motor show and has drawn stares for the right reasons.

The big cruiser boasts of futuristic styling. Most noticeable is the round headlamp shaped like a jet engine and brawny tank shrouds. It’s paired with a swept handlebar and front-set footpegs. Eagle-eyed readers will also have noticed that massive 310-section rear tire.

Futuristic 700cc Benda cruiser coming in July image

It’s powered by an unusual inline-4 engine and comes with nice touches like integrated exhausts. Of course, these are just photos of the concept with some changes likely to be made for the production model.

The engine is a 680cc specifically, which pumps out around 97-PS. Benda claims it’s capable of reaching a top speed of 180 km/h. The engine is mounted on a twin-spar frame and all-aluminum body. This limits its weight to just 215kg.

Benda also said it will have a full-color TFT display, ride-by-wire, a slipper assist clutch, cruise control, ABS, and even hill start assist.

Benda is eyeing to launch the motorcycle on July 1 of this year with a price pegged somewhere around 40,000 and 50,000 Yuan (PhP335,000). If you remember, that's just PhP15,000 more than the 300cc. Bear in mind, this is just the Chinese domestic price. Though it’s certainly very low for all that it offers.