LTO planning to make DL renewal online

In line with Republic Act 10930, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has streamlined the process of granting driver’s licenses (DL) to individuals who are eligible to drive a motorized vehicle. Aside from the 10-year validity of DLs, applicants must also pass the required Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) course, which is FREE when done at an LTO branch or through the agency’s  Land Transportation Management System portal or LTMS.

This portal, says the LTO chief, may also be used in the future for renewing an individual's DL.

“We’re in that process now of developing this facial recognition not only for this portal in renewing driver’s license but our future plan also includes driver’s license renewal will now be done online,” said the LTO chief.

If this pushes through, renewing your DL doesn't mean waiting in line for a couple of hours at an LTO branch, but just a few clicks in the comfort of your home or office.

CDE used by fixers

Unfortunately, enterprising individuals outside or within the agency – commonly called fixers – have found a way to exploit the CDE requirement to extort money from those who wish to renew their DLs.

As for the new LTO chief, Atty. Toefilo Guadiz III, the direction is to either improve or completely remove the CDE requirement. According to an earlier statement from Guadiz, fixers have taken advantage of the CDE requirement over the past couple of months and have used it as leverage to ask for a premium from those who are renewing their DLs.

The LTO, Guadiz added, has already formed a Technical Working Group (TWG) to finally put an end to this age-old fixer business and faking of certificates by certain driving schools.

“What we feel is that the app [LTMS] needs some sort of a facial recognition program for us to be able to effectively use the portal. If that feature is added, it cannot be fooled. The portal must see that the examinee/applicant is the real holder of the DL,” said Guadiz in Filipino.