BMW unveils Definition CE 04 electric scooter

BMW is writing the next chapter of mobility, and as far as styling is concerned, we like it already. This mecha style scooter is BMW's Definition CE 04 concept.

It's the first product from a new platform using electric power. While electric power is already common among cars, full electrification in motorcycles, on the other hand, is still quite a long way behind.

BMW, at least, has already been hard at work on a few prototypes. This, however, is one of the rare few scooters.

This is the future of BMW scooters image

According to BMW, Definition CE 04 scooter has reached a point where it is already “near-production.” This scooter evolved from the BMW Motorrad Concept Link and merges the customer’s analogue and digital worlds under the motto “Plugged to Life”.

“Electric mobility is a key form of drive system for the BMW Group, and we are employing this technology consistently in our sustainability strategy,” said Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design at BMW Motorrad.

He added that electrification of BMW motorcycles has always been a relevant topic and in 2013, they have become a pioneer in this area with the BMW C Evolution scooter.


This is the future of BMW scooters image

The BMW Definition CE 04 scooter is touted to be the most technologically-advanced electric scooter once it hits production. It will boast of a 10.25-inch display unit, and is claimed by BMW to be the largest in the scooter segment to date. It will act as an interface between the digital and analog worlds of the rider. Naturally, it is designed to connect with a smartphone through a user-friendly system.

This is the future of BMW scooters image

There is custom rider apparel specifically-designed for use with the Definition CE 04. It's matching riding jacket has integrated light guides in the sleeves and hood that ensure greater visibility in road traffic and can be switched on and changed in color via sensors in the sleeve.

This jacket also has an inside pocket that serves as an inductive charging field (wireless charging) for the rider’s smartphone.


This is the future of BMW scooters image

For now, BMW Motorrad has released little information about the Definition CE 04’s range. It does say that the new scooter is “a practical everyday vehicle for driving from home to the office or meeting friends in the evening - simply a vehicle for every day in the city.”

That being said, the Definition CE 04 could have a range somewhere between 30 and 50 kilometers with one charge at the very least.

First of many

This is just the beginning, says BMW. Half the number of the vehicles and motorcycles they plan to produce in the next 10 years will be electric-powered .

“A quarter of all vehicles sold by the BMW Group in Europe in 2021 are expected to have an electrified drive system, with this proportion rising to a third in 2025 and half in 2030. In 2023, BMW Group customers will be able to choose from 25 electrified models, approximately half of which will have an all-electric drive system.”