Benhur Abalos named MMDA chairman

Former Mandaluyong city mayor, Benjamin “Benhur” Abalaos, Jr., was appointed as the new Metropolitan Manila Development Authority’s (MMDA) chairman. He replaces Ret. Gen. Danny Lim, who passed away last week.

Stand on riding-in-tandem

Anti-riding-in-tandem mayor now MMDA chairman imageMayor Benhur Abalos (second from right), among PNP members.

For many motorcycle riders, the announcement may not bode well. Former mayor Benhur Abalos is associated with the city’s anti-riding-in-tandem ordinance. The infamous City Ordinance No. 550, prohibits riding in tandem unless they are immediate family members. The ordinance was enacted by Abalos during his term in 2014.

For example, two male riders cannot be onboard a single motorcycle unless they are father and son.

City Ordinance No. 550, which was amended in 2018, aims to prevent crimes perpetrated by riding-in-tandem criminals.

His father, Benjamin Abalos, Sr., was also a former mayor of Mandaluyong, as well as the former MMDA chairman between 2001 and 2002 at the time of former President, Gloria Arroyo.