Japanese oil products officially launched at IR Performance and Lifestyle Expo

The Japanese are no doubt the best when it comes to making reliable motorcycles. Now, Japan’s premiere motor oil, ENEOS, is making its official Philippine debut at the 2022 Inside Racing Performance and Lifestyle Expo, happening at the World Trade Center, Pasay City.

These lubricants from ENEOS, which are known to deliver exceptional performance, long-term protection, and optimum fuel economy, are borne from continuous innovation with Japan’s leading automakers, race teams, and vehicle engineers.

ENEOS motor oils from Japan marks official PH debut image

ENEOS Motor has ultra-modern and environmentally-friendly synthetic motor oils for both gasoline and diesel-powered cars, high-performance synthetic motor oils for gasoline engines and diesel motors, and highly-refined mineral-based oil for gasoline and diesel engines.

Over to motorcycles, the company offers a high-performance synthetic-based oil for racing, a synthetic oil blend for all types of 4-stroke engines, a synthetic automatic scooter oil and scooter gear oil, and mineral-based motorcycle oil for all kinds of 4-stroke engines.

Depending on the product, the viscosity of vehicle lubricants varies between 0W-20 to 20W-50. Meanwhile, the initial lineup of motorcycle oil includes 10W-40, 20W-40, and SAE40 for the mineral-based oil.

“The Philippines is one of our strategic target countries for our lubricants business. We see a lot of potential for growth given the large potential market, the country’s positive economic outlook, and the good reputation of Japanese brands among Filipinos,” said Kazusama Imai, president of ENEOS Philippines Corporation (ENEPH).

ENEOS motor oils from Japan marks official PH debut image

ENEPH first began operations in the Philippines back in October 2019 but only for the sale of motorcycle lubricants. It is working very closely with Philippine Motocross Champion Bornok Mangosong, Superbike Champion Des Buncio, and Champion Racer and Motorcycle Riding Coach, Mel Aquino.

The entry of lubricants for cars marks the company’s bigger involvement in the development of the local motoring industry. In the future, ENEPH plans to bring more products to the country such as fluids for both CVT and automatic transmissions, diesel engine oil products for trucks and bus fleet customers, hydraulic and compressor oils for industrial use, and even lubricants for EVs. In addition, the company also plans to put up a blending facility in the country as part of its growth plans.