EMotors and Air21 promotes the use and benefits of electric trikes

EMotors, Incorporated teams up with logistics solution company Air Freight 2100 (Air21) to promote the use and benefits of EMotor's electric tricycle ZüM (pronounced as 'zoom').

The purebred Filipino EMotors is Philippines' first manufacturer and assembler of electric tricycles to be registered with the Board of Investment's Motor Vehicle Development Program under EO156 and EO226 (Investments Priority Plan).

The company's goal is to provide a local transportation alternative that contributes to the reduction of our carbon footprint. EMotors CEO Beth Lee explains their participation in environmental awareness and responsibility by providing zero-emission vehicles in businesses. Likewise, Air21 CEO Jerry Jara supported the statement and remarked that their part in the environmental endeavor also translates to innovation in improving their efficiency and service.

The e-trikes will augment the logistic company's current roster of transports while helping reduce the environmental impact of the fleet. It expects the use will translate to low acquisition costs, lower maintenance and power source costs. Air21 also views it as an opportunity to expand the company’s coverage with a faster turnover rate.