Komatsu using swappable batteries from Honda

Here in the Philippines, electric scooter (e-scooter) have only so far found favor with a limited demographic. They tend to be associated with middle-aged women who run errands around town. These are the same electric scooters that we usually see riding along the side of the road (or counterflowing) with their own canopy and an assortment of different cargoes. No die-hard motorcycle rider would ever take such a thing seriously. But what if the battery had other uses?e-Scooter batteries could soon power heavy equipment image

The Japanese are thinking way ahead into the future. For them, the battery-swapping system isn't just for convenience and a way to avoid waiting for a battery to charge. It could also be a versatile power source, just like wireless powertools.

Using the existing battery-swapping system, two Japanese brands are thinking of a way to make their vehicles much more “green”.

Japanese heavy equipment manufacturer, Komatsu, has teamed up with Honda to jointly develop “micro excavators” that will use the juice provided by the latter’s swappable batteries or Honda Mobile Power Pack (MPP) to help make the construction industry emissions-free.

Komatsu’s PC01 micro excavator is actually almost the same size as a motorcycle – albeit running on track wheels. With some upgrades, it can even run on the same batteries that power the Honda PCX Electric.

e-Scooter batteries could soon power heavy equipment image

Why go electric?

“In addition to significantly reducing noise and exhaust heat, electrification of the micro excavator will reduce its environmental impact by realizing 'zero exhaust gas emission,' which enables users to work comfortably in various indoor and outdoor work environments,” said Honda in a statement.

In the near future, added Honda, the two companies will also incorporate the MPP to larger heavy equipment with an operating weight of up to 1 ton. These are intended for both the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) and international markets.

This team up may not mean much for the average rider, but for those who love motocross, wouldn't be great to have both your excavator and MX bike run on the same power source?