After considering the motorcycle lane along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City a success in reducing motorcycle accidents, EDSA will get its fair share of the blue lane. On Valentine's Day, MMDA will start implementing the motorcycle lane on EDSA hoping to decrease the incidents of motorcycle accidents and give a better flow of traffic on its entire stretch. Signages and "blue lanes" on the fourth lane(from the sidewalk) can be seen as early as now.

Following the rules that were set in the motorcycle lane implemented along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City, and the reclaimed area in Pasay, other vehicles can still use the EDSA motorcycle lane. "That's why we called it a designated, not a dedicated--motorcycle lane because it means other vehicles can also use it," MMDA Assistant General Manager for Planning Tina Velasco explained.

The resolution requires all motorcyclists to use only the designated slot except during emergencies or when making a left turn, right turn, or U-turn provided they shift lanes gradually from not less than 200 meters away. Violators will be fined P500.

Data from the MMDA Road Safety Unit showed a trend in increasing motorcycle accidents in Metro Manila with 12,656 accidents and 104 fatalities in 2008; 13,561 accidents in 2009 with 105 deaths; and 16,208 with 177 fatalities in 2010.