DOTr, MMDA agree on EDSA bicycle lane design

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) and the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) have agreed on the design and specifications of the proposed EDSA bicycle lane. It is scheduled to start construction tomorrow, June 13, 2020.

DOTr Secretary, Arthur Tugade, and MMDA Chairman, Danny Lim, have decided to fast-track the creation of protected bicycle lanes along EDSA. Among the things they agreed on are to build them on the road and not the sidewalks. The decision was made as more and more people are shifting to this alternative mode of transport, due to the limitations of public transport and social distincing requirements brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

The bicycle lanes will be at least 1.5-meters in width, which would require the existing lanes for private vehicles to be reduced to 2.8-meters from the current 3.5-meters, as noted by MMDA spokesperson, ASec. Celine Pialago, earlier this week.

Ang gusto natin sa kanila protected bike lanes, instead [na] dito sila sa kalsada at ang harang lang ay mga orange cones, concrete barriers. Unsafe po kanila ‘yun (What we want are protected bike lanes, instead of being on the road where only orange cones or concrete barriers separate the cyclists from other vehicles).”

What about the motorcycle lane?

Last month, MMDA general manager, Jojo Garcia, said that, since the bus lane will be moved to the left-most lane of EDSA, the motorcycle lane will temporarily occupy the right-most lane beside where the bicycle lane will be.

Yung bike lane natin, itataas ng mga 6-inches siguro, kasama ng pedestrian [lane]. Sa tabi nun, will be the motorcycle lane.

For now, there is no concrete plan yet for the EDSA motorcycle lane, as the priority is the establishment of the bus lane to the left and bicycle lane to the right.