Features dual battery system

There's a dizzying array of electric scooters to choose from, but how many can boast of a top speed of 90 km/h and swappable batteries?

That's the selling point of the Ecooter's E2 line of electric scooters. Launched just last weekend at Bonifacio High Street, Ecooter offers the regular E1+ and E2L with a 2.5kW motor and top speed of 75 km/h; or the E2R with a 4.2kW motor and top speed of 90 km/h. Ecooter says their E2 is comparable to a 125cc scooter.

Ecooter introduces 90 kph E2R electric scooter image

The E1+ comes with a single 64V 30Ah battery, takes 4 hours to charge, and boasts of a range of 120-km. It offers basic electric motoring without the added battery swap feature.

Both E2 models are powered by two Lithium Ion batteries; one internal battery, and a removable swappable battery. The E2L is offered by default with a 20 Ah internal battery while the E2R comes with the 40 Ah internal battery. Ecooter lets buyers choose from a 64V 20 Ah, 30 Ah, or 40 Ah swappable battery. Paired with the removable 20Ah battery, it can combine to return a minimum range of 80-km to maximum range of 140-km with the 40 Ah swappable battery. Take note that this also affects charging time. The E2L takes just 2.5 hours to fully charge while the E2R can take up to 6 hours to fully, owing to the large capacity. Of course, thanks to the dual batteries, owners can just charge the internal one and get going already. It's a system very similar to Kymco's Many EV, which we tested.

Ecooter introduces 90 kph E2R electric scooter image

As part of its price, Ecooter provides buyers with one swappable battery and membership in its battery-swap program. Owners can go to select establishments like convenience stores and simple show proof of membership to swap their drained battery for a ready fully-charged one.

Buyers can also opt not to join the battery swap program and simply by the spare battery and charger for an additional PhP 35,000 – P65,000, depending on the battery size.

Both E2's feature aluminum alloy frames and run on tubeless tires. It's brought to a stop with front and rear disc brakes. They're governed by a combination brake system. The E2's roll on 12-inch wheels with tubeless tires.

All the necessary trip data is gleamed on an LCD screen with adaptie brightness. The E2's also come with a mobile app that lets riders monitor both battery levels when away from their bike. Tire pressure can also be monitored from the app, as well as activate park mode or lock the scooter.

Ecooter introduces 90 kph E2R electric scooter image

One more thing, these electric scooters have been tested on flooded roads. Ecooter E2 models are capable of wading through 260 mm of flood water.

With regards to registration, Ecooter says there is no need to register the electric scooters at the moment. A driver's license is required to use one, though. Once the LTO releases proper guidelines on how to register these electric scooters, Ecooter has committed to assisting its customers in registering their scooters.

Ecooter is made by China-based Da Yang Motors, manufactured in Luoyang, Henan, China. It is distributed locally by Sobeler Corporation.

The Ecooter comes with a 2-year warranty for the battery and 1-year warranty for the scooter. The Ecooter E1+ retails for PhP 115,000. The E2L goes for PhP 95,000 (without swappable battery), while the Ecooter E2R retails for P190,000 (without swappable battery). Bank financing is available through Security Bank.