From Easytrip RFID to Autosweep RFID interoperability

Talks about the interoperability of the two RFID systems that the expressway operators use have been in the pipeline since 2017. It was somehow fast-tracked in 2020 when Autosweep RFIDs were allowed to be registered for use on Easytrip systems.

However, it took another two years and a congressional resolution before Easytrip’s RFIDs are allowed to be registered for use on Autosweep’s system.

Easytrip RFID users can enroll to Autosweep starting January 2023 image

Just recently, SMC Infrastructure – the operator of SLEX, Skyway, Skyway Stage 3, NAIAX, STAR, and TPLEX – has announced that starting January 15, 2023, Easytrip RFID users may begin enrolling their Easytrip accounts with Autosweep’s system. This means motorists may use their Easytrip RFIDs on the expressways mentioned above, including MCX which is currently operated by the Ayala Group.

Take note, however, that only the new “Neology” Easytrip RFIDs will be eligible for Autosweep use. Currently, Easytrip RFIDs only work at Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation-operated tollways: NLEX, SCTEX, CAVITEX, C5 Link, Harbor Link, CALAX, and CCLEX.