LTO and DICT to launch new digital driver’s license

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has announced today that the agency is working with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) and will launch the country's first digital driver's license or e-Driver's License. 

According to LTO, this program is in line with President Bong Bong Marcos' directive for the digitalization of government agencies. 

e-Driver’s License LTO’s solution to plastic card shortage image

LTO chief, Atty. Jayart Tugade, said that this new e-Driver's License, once rolled out, will act as an alternative to the physical plastic card license. Coincidentally, this is also LTO's temporary solution to the agency's ongoing supply issue with plastic cards. 

The advantage of the digital license is that motorists can present it to law enforcement officers during an apprehension. It is equivalent to presenting the physical driver's license," said Tugade. Access to this new e-Driver's License will be through DICT's upcoming "super app", which would function similarly to an electronic wallet and will also contain all your other government-issued IDs accessible via a smartphone. 

Through this new DICT "super app", motorists can renew their vehicle's registration or driver's license with the LTO in the comfort of their homes. With regards to security, Tugade assured that in addition to the physical card security features (which will be included in the e-Driver's License), DICT's super app will have its own unique security features to protect the user.

The LTO and DICT have yet to announce the actual rollout date of the e-Driver's License.