Moxiao Motors unveils this Ducati Panigale lookalike, the 500RR

Have you ever dreamed of someday riding your own Ducati sportsbike? Most of us probably have, but unfortunately, affording its car-like price tag is another matter entirely. If you happen to have Ph₱261,000, you might be able to afford this “Ducati” from China.

For ₱261K, you’ll get this Panigale knockoff from Moxiao image

Moxiao Motor is a Chinese-based motorcycle manufacturer that recently unveiled their newest 500 cc sportbike, the 500RR. And, it’s strikingly familiar since it is almost a complete Ducati Panigale 1299 look alike.

According to sources, the Moxiao 500RR is powered by a 471 cc liquid-cooled twin-cylinder that produces roughly 47 Ps of power and 43 Nm of torque. The engine is mated to a 6-speed transmission with chain as final drive.

For ₱261K, you’ll get this Panigale knockoff from Moxiao image

Trying to stay true to the Panigale’s design, Moxiao also equipped the 500RR with a single-sided swingarm, dual front disc brakes, large inverted forks, and even a protruding exhaust pipe at the right side of the underbelly – similar to the one seen in the Panigale 1299.

It was also said to feature a fully-digital panel, ABS, and a 22-liter fuel tank, which give this sportbike quite some range. The Moxiao 500RR is claimed to be capable of reaching a top speed of up to 165 kilometers per hour.

Unfortunately, as with any Chinese-built motorcycle knockoff, some of its parts are showing some obvious imperfections. For example, the single-sided swingarm seems to be misaligned to the left, and some sources suggests that the fairings too, are showing some design imperfections.

If you have Ph₱261,000, would you buy this sportbike from Moxiao?