Ducati's upcoming Multistrada V4 will be world's first RADAR-equipped motorcycle

Anticipation over the upcoming Multistrada V4 has steadily been building up during these past few weeks. Other than its new 1200cc 4-cylinder V-configuration powerplant, there was not much other information revealed so far by the Bologna, Italy-based manufacturer until now.

Now, Ducati has annoucned that the upcoming Multistrada V4 will be the world’s first motorcycle to be equipped with collision detection radar technology – like the ones used in modern cars to warn drivers of potential collisions.

Ducati now building new Multistrada V4, comes with collision radar image

Like these systems fitted on cars like Volvos, Fords, Mercedes-Benzes, Subarus, and Nissans, radar systems in front scan the road ahead (or behind) for vehicles. If it senses that a vehicle is too close, it will warn the driver through warning lights and audible sounds. If the rider does not react, it will apply the brake at the last possible second to attempt to avoid a collision. This system, commonly found in many high-end cars, was reconfigured to work with the dynamics of a modern motorcycle. Brands like BMW and Harley-Davidson are also working on similar systems but have yet to officially offer it on their models.

Ducati now building new Multistrada V4, comes with collision radar image

The radar equipment, which is no bigger than a generation GoPro action camera, will be placed both in front and rear of the new Multistrada V4. The front radar will be integrated with the ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control). When cruise control is on, it will attempt to maintain the set speed by controlling braking and acceleration. With the radar's help, it can automatically adjust the distance (selectable from four levels) from the vehicle in front while riding at speeds between 30 and 160 kilometers per hour.

Ducati now building new Multistrada V4, comes with collision radar image

The rear radar, on the other hand, is able to detect and report vehicles positioned in the bike’s blind spot (the area directly behind the rider, not visible on mirrors). The BSD (Blind Spot Detection) system also signals the rider of an approaching vehicle from behind or adjacent lanes at high speed.

Other details of the new Multistrada V4 will be announced on October 15, while the production Multistradas will be officially unveiled on November 4.