Drag Lords, organized by Makina, hopes to promote legal motorcycle drag racing

Last Sunday, at the Quirino Grandstand Parade Grounds in Manila, our friends from Makina hosted the first leg of Drag Lords, a newly-organized motorcycle drag racing series. The series hopes to serve as a legal, organized drag racing venue in order to discourage illegal drag racing on public roads.

One of the goals of the event, which showcased amateur and pro drag racers alike, is to take away drag racing off the streets and to provide a proper venue for aspiring racers to hone their skills.

Organizer Zach Lucero, of online motorcycle show Makina, noted that there have been plenty of motorcylce circuit events, but very few legal, organized motorcycle-only drag races.

Drag Lords 2020 wants to keep racing off the streets image

“You know, drag racing in public roads, na hindi cordoned off, na ang daming tao, napaka delikado yun (that is not cordoned off with lots of spectators, that's very dangerous),” and that “It is one of the reasons why if we keep on giving these people an avenue to practice the sport [drag racing] then mas ok diba?

Draglords hopes to provide a safe, controlled environment for motorcycle drag racing. The venue employs barriers along the entire length of the drag strip, staging and timing sensors and instruments, and even a christmas tree light. Of course, all participants are required to wear complete safety gear.

To keep things light and fun, the event has also been designed to appeal to both veterans and newbies alike.

Drag Lords 2020 wants to keep racing off the streets image

“This is the aspect of motorsports [that's] in between hobbyists and those going into circuit [racing]. Between those two, before they go to circuit, they start on racing straight first,” said Zach Lucero, the organizer of Drag Lords.

There will be two more Draglords racing events coming in May and in July. The venues will be announced soon.