DILG reiterates that local traffic enforcers cannot confiscate a driver’s license

Driving or riding along Metro Manila and the Philippines as a whole can often be stressful due to the fact that Local Government Units (LGUs) have their own different ordinances when it comes to traffic management.

While one ordinance can be legal in a town, it can be considered a traffic violation in the next city or town.

If apprehended by a local traffic enforcer, say in Manila, and you happen to be from Lipa City in Batangas, the settlement of that traffic violation can be a nightmare since you need to allot the whole day to travel back to Manila, not to mention the amount of time you would spend in the queue waiting for your name to be called to get your driver’s license back.

Worse, some enterprising local traffic enforcers use the above situation to scare drivers and force them to “settle” the traffic violation on the street level to avoid the hassle.

DILG: only LTO and their deputized enforcers can confiscate license image

Well, according to the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), these local traffic enforcers, unless duly deputized by the Land Transportation Office (LTO), cannot and should never confiscate a driver’s license of a traffic violator.

In a memorandum issued by DILG dated September 14, 2022, Interior Secretary, Benhhur Abalos has reiterated that although LGUs can issue their own citation tickets on traffic violators, they cannot confiscate a driver’s license unless they are a deputized traffic enforcer of the LTO.

“The LGUs can issue traffic citation tickets but only the LTO and their deputized agents can confiscate driver’s licenses.”

Sec. Abalos has also directed LGUs to review their local ordinances and policies to ensure conformity and compliance with the said provision.