New Ducati Diagnostic Port Adapter connects easily to CTEK charger

Over the first few months of the lockdown, most of those in need of battery maintenance were motorcycle owners. In Metro Manila, most big bikes are not used for the daily grind. Still, it is just as imperative to make sure that the batteries are topped up and well cared for.

CTEK now offers Ducati Adapter for easy battery charging image

However, accessing the batteries in motorcycles is not as simple as popping the hood of a car, especially when it comes to Ducati motorcycles. Owners know that it takes some muscle and a lot of tinkering just to get to to battery terminals. That is why Ducati created its proprietary Ducati Diagnostic Port (DDA) — a port that is easily accessible just under the seat and ready to plug into a compatible adapter.

CTEK now offers Ducati Adapter for easy battery charging image

CTEK, a popular battery tender, now makes it easy to keep your Ducati charged up using the Ducati Diagnostic Port. The Ducati to CTEK Adapater allows you to conveniently plug into the Ducati Diagnostic Port and charge your Ducati motorcycle with a CTEK smart battery charger. One end fits right into the DDA port and the other end into the CTEK charger.

The adapter also features a “traffic light” system indicator (With red, yellow, and green lights) that will give the user a snapshot of whether the battery is still okay or already requires charging.

CTEK now offers Ducati Adapter for easy battery charging image

The best part about having the adapter is the flexibility and practicality that it offers. You can also use the same CTEK smart battery charger on other vehicles, whether it’s a car or another motorbike — no need to buy a separate, specialized charger just for your Ducati motorcycle.

The Ducati To CTEK Adapter (with Indicator) retails for PhP2,200 and is now available at the official CTEK flagship store on Lazada. To learn more, visit CTEK's Facebook page or send a message to (+632) 0917 575 4812.

*CTEK to Ducati Adapter is not compatible with the Ducati Street Fighter, Superbike 848, 1098, 1198, GT1000.