CST city, touring, and sport tires now available

With the country’s many traffic jams, potholes, and other road hazards, it's no surprise scooters have quickly become one of the best options for getting around. Yet even getting around on these bikes can be a challenge with typical road hazards like stones, dirt, and potholes in wet and dry weather even in the big city. 

To easily get in and out of tight spots, even with these dangers, CST (which stands for Cheng Shin Tires, and is the parent company of Maxxis Tires) offers three scooter tire choices that meet these criteria. These are the C6501 Magsport, the C6528, and the C6577 Adreno.

All three are designed to deliver performance and traction on wet roads and corners, thanks to an engineered tread pattern specifically designed to maximize grip and reduce the likelihood of a slide. The hybrid compound, tread pattern design, bead engineering, and casing structure of CST Scooter Tires allow for a versatile and engaging riding experience for various uses and road conditions. They each have their own particular specialties.

CST unveils scooter tire range image

The C6501 Magsport is designed for city use, particularly slow-speed maneuvering and stop-and-go driving while still performing on the occasional joyride outside the city. The C6501 is available in 70/90-14, 80/90-14, and 90/90-14 sizes for tubed and tubeless configurations.

CST unveils scooter tire range image

The C6528 is a hybrid sport and touring tire. Designed for both short and longer distances, it’s ideal for a quick sprint to the café but can also handle a days-long road adventure out of town. The C6528 is available in the following tubeless sizes: 80/80-14, 90/80-14, and 100/80-14.

CST unveils scooter tire range image

Finally, there’s the Adreno C6577. These tires are designed for performance, even for use in race tracks. It’s made of a special compound and unique tread construction to provide a wider contact patch. It’s high-grip construction also makes it an ideal hybrid sport-and-touring tire. The Adreno is available in: 80/80-14 TL, 90/80-14 TL, 100/80-14 TL, 70/90-14 TL, 80/90-14 TL, 90/90-14 TL, and 70/90-14 TT.

All three CST scooter tires are no available locally. Visit CST’s website for more details: You can also buy them at CST’s online store in Lazada.