These enduro riders shows us how to keep fit during lockdown

Last week, we showed how International GS Trophy marshal, Stephanie Rowe, stays in shape during lockdown with the help of her R 1250 GS. What if you don't have a heavy GS? How do other professional riders stay in shape if they can't go outside to train?

Graham Jarvis

If you're into off-roading, the name is practically synonymous to hard enduro riding and serious skills. Like our very own Glenn Aguilar, Graham Jarvis is probably twice the age of his opponents but is still at the prime of his career. So how does he keep fit during lockdown?

In the videos posted on his official social media page, we can see Jarvis in his own backyard, doing “isolation challenges” that involve folding ladders, a bucket, and even a wheelbarrow.

These everyday objects, when put together creatively, make for an excellent off-road course. They also ensure that he won't be rusty when the 2021 enduro season begins.

Taylor Robert

Taylor Robert is part of Red Bull's stable of enduro riders. In a video he posted on his social media page, he uses his dirt bike as a weight for bench and leg presses rolled into one to keep him in shape. Of course, we highly discourage mere mortals like us imitating this stunt. His bike, in race-ready trim, is at least 105 kg. Our bikes, made for the street, likely tip the scales more at 160 - 200kg. Trying this at home may cause an injury.

Mario Roman

For Sherco rider, Mario Roman, he's watching his diet by eating healthy fruits to stay in shape.

Roman hasn't posted any lockdown exercise yet on his social media site, so we're assuming that this hard enduro rider from Spain has taken his time off to explore healthy eating by going vegan.

How about you? What keeps you busy and in shape during the lockdown?