New teaser released

Honda Philippines, through its social media page, released a new teaser about an upcoming new model to be launched this month. We've speculated that it could be the CT125 but that seems quite debunked now.

Will this be the new Honda Wave? image

So, what could it be? There's the sporty, 150 cc Winner X (Supra GTR 150 in Indonesia), but it very likely could be the more economical Supra X 125 Fi.

Judging from the most recent teaser from Honda PH, the most likely candidate for Philippine distribution would be the Supra X 125 Fi. It is powered by an air-cooled, single-cylinder, EFI, 124.89 cc, SOHC 4-stroke engine, mated to a 4-speed rotary gearbox.

Will this be the new Honda Wave? image

The design cues are pretty sporty too, but its overall performance is leaning towards economy. PT Astra Honda's (the distributor of Honda motorcycles in Indonesia) website claims that the Supra X 125 Fi can attain 57.2 kilometers per liter in average fuel economy. It also boasts of a 7-liter under-seat box with a power outlet for mobile phones and other gadgets.

Will this be the new Honda Wave? image

It would also be safe to say that for economical and price positioning reasons, Honda Philippines will likely rename the Supra X 125 Fi as the new Wave 125. Its components are as simple and straightforward as the current Wave 125 – no fuss, no fancy tech, and practical for everyday use. The price? Direct conversion from the Indonesian SRP amounts to less than PhP70,000, but when Philippine duties and taxes come into play, the actual PH SRP could be higher. There's also the possibility that the model could be assembled locally, bringing costs down further.

Being a top-selling model, we can be sure that Honda Philippines will keep close to its current price point. These are all speculations, and there's still no word or confirmation from Honda Philippines as of this writing.

We'll keep you posted when the new model is launched.