Corsa Tires and Suzuki on 12-leg campaign around the country

Corsa Motorcycle Tires Philippines proudly announces a groundbreaking collaboration with Suzuki Philippines Inc. - MC Division, marking the commencement of a thrilling nationwide campaign. Dubbed the #PalitCorsa drive, this initiative aims to dominate the streets of the Philippines, starting with Legazpi City in the vibrant Bicol Region on January 21, as the 1st leg of the 12-leg journey covering Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

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On its first leg of dominance, Corsa Tires, renowned for its commitment to safety and performance, conquers the streets on the bustling streets of Metro Manila. Followed in the vibrant municipality of Pimalayn in Mondoro on January 28. The Laguna leg will promise a remarkable preparation that will be announced soon. The campaign kicks off with a spectacular showcase featuring the Corsa ambassadors, also known as the Corsa Elites.

Adding an adrenaline-fueled element to the campaign is the stunt team, also known as the Corsa Traction Masters, highlighting the tire's reliability even in challenging situations. The wave of dominance extends further to motorcycle sports with the Corsa Skills Challenge and Corsa Tires Racing Team. In addition, an active and healthy lifestyle participation is engaged with the Corsa basketball team led by none other than basketball enthusiast Gerald Anderson.

Corsa Tires PH collab with Suzuki on Dominate the Streets campaign image

Safety Riding Instructor, Goku Oritz, executes what Corsa Tires believes in the performance of their tires through the safest and most controlled stunt shows, “The Corsa Traction Master team embodies discipline, control, and a deep understanding of their craft. They serve as an inspiration to all, demonstrating the importance of honing one's skills and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.”

“As we embark on this exciting journey together, we want to express our unwavering support for Suzuki Philippines as they go full throttle this year. We are thrilled to be aligned with a brand that shares our passion for excellence, innovation, and pushing the boundaries of performance,” said the Corsa Tires representative as they took on a journey for safety moving dominance nationwide.

The #PalitCorsa campaign goes nationwide in collaboration with Suzuki Philippines Inc - MC Division, providing Corsa Traction Masters with stock Suzuki Smash Fi 115 motorcycles equipped with Corsa tires. This dynamic partnership enables riders to safely roam key cities, putting both man and machine to the test through safety track stunt shows. The aim is to encourage riders to dominate the streets in the safest manner possible with quality motorcycles and tires that make no compromises.

Corsa Tires PH collab with Suzuki on Dominate the Streets campaign image

In an exciting addition to the safety track stunt shows, Corsa introduces Jabbre Motocom, a Filipino-brand motorcycle communicator, enhancing the thrill and safety of stunt performances.

Don't miss out on the nationwide invasion of Corsa at key cities as they redefine the streets with their unparalleled performance and safety. Join Corsa on this epic journey, where the streets belong to those who dare to ride with quality and confidence.

About Corsa Tires Philippines

Corsa Tires PH collab with Suzuki on Dominate the Streets campaign image

Corsa Motorcycle Tires Philippines is the foremost brand of motorcycle tires in both Indonesia and the Philippines. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation, Corsa Motorcycle Tires Philippines is dedicated to providing motorcycle enthusiasts with superior performance and unmatched dominance across diverse terrains. By delivering products of the highest quality, Corsa Tires Philippines continually enhances the riding experience, solidifying its position as the go-to brand for motorcycle tire excellence.