This Chinese-built S450RR copies BMW S1000RR down to the last detail

Remember a few years ago when Chinese-built motorcycles sold here looked like exact copies of Hondas and Yamahas? It seems like most of them have learned their lesson and have begun working on more original designs.

Chinese BMW S1000RR copy sells for 1/18 the price imageBMW S1000RR

However, there are still a few that think they can get away with it. For products intended to be sold in mainland China, copying more recognized products still seems to be the norm. One example is this new sportbike unveiled by Chinese manufacturer Moto. Vietnamese site, was able to acquire a unit and show the similarities.

BMW’s S1000RR copy S450RR at only ₱105K image

The Moto S450RR is powered by a parallel-twin liquid-cooled EFI engine with a claimed power output of 26 Ps at 6,500 rpm and 22 Nm of torque at 7,000 rpm. Other details are dual brake discs for the front with a single disc for the rear (both with ABS). It also has what looks like a 5 or 6-inch TFT panel screen, LED lights and a sporty exhaust can with a carbon fiber tip.

Like many other lesser-known Chinese motorcycle brands, there is not much information available for the Moto brand and their S450RR sportbike. One thing is obvious: the design, color schemes, and even the “RR” decal are all direct copies of the BMW S1000RR.


BMW’s S1000RR copy S450RR at only ₱105K image

Though there is no word yet on whether this model will be imported here in the country, Vietnamese motorcycle news site,, claims that the S450RR will have an SRP of around 50,000,000 Vietnamese dong – roughly ₱105,344. That's roughly 1/18th the price of the original (PhP1,895,000). Would you buy a 450cc S 1000 RR copy?