A smaller 700CL-X

CF Moto has already been on the radar of most Pinoy riders for making quality big discplacement bikes. When news broke out that CF Moto will bring the 700CL-X in the country back in November, a lot of fans were delighted. It became even more appealing when they announced the price tag of only PHP 369,800, making it arguably the most affordable 700cc motorcycle in the market today.

Unfortunately, even with a relatively affordable SRP, many Pinoy riders (including me) still cannot affort the almost PHP 400K price for a motorcycle. If you’re one of them, CF Moto may have heard you and has recently unveiled a 250cc version of the 700CL-X.

250cc version of the 700CL-X unveiled by CF Moto image

Dubbed as the 250CL-X, it debuted at the 2021 China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition (CIMA) a few days ago. To build it, CF Moto used some components from its 250SR – an entry-level sportsbike – to build the smaller CL-X.

250cc version of the 700CL-X unveiled by CF Moto image

CF Moto 250SR

The powerplant is the same liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, DOHC 249.2cc found in the 250SR that produces about 30 Ps of power and 22 Nm of torque. It makes quite a lot of power for a 250cc engine. For comparison, Honda’s CBR250R produces about 24 Ps of power.

Since this is the 'little brother' of the 700CL-X, the design cues are directly inspired by the bigger sibling. It even carries over the 'X' shaped headlight, CL-X seat, and tank shape.

Of course, to keep production costs manageable, CF Moto installed a familiar TFT screen found on the brand’s entry-level models, as well as single discs for both the front and rear.

Will CF Moto PH import the 250CL-X? We hope so.