CFMOTO Day celebrated in Zhuzhou International Circuit

Last month, the Philippines witnessed the global launch of CFMOTO’s newest motorcycle model: the 450NK. The day after the global launch, CFMOTO owners, media, and vloggers were treated to a spectacular ride and celebration to showcase the newest member of their stable.

CFMOTO Day returns in 2023, new models announced image

Just recently, the brand celebrated the biggest CFMOTO Day to date, with over 1,500 fans, riders, media, and vloggers in attendance. The 2023 CFMOTO Day also marks the return of the celebrations after a 3-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

Unveiling the Latest Models

One of the highlights of the event was the official unveiling of CFMOTO's 2024 motorcycle lineup. Attendees had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the newest models, starting with the introduction of the 150SC scooter from the freshly created SC range where the practical needs of commuting meet ideal leisure use; all with a fun-loving image. The highlights of the scooter included powerful output, superb fuel economy, and large storage space.

Another upcoming model for CFMOTO is the 500SR which is an equally purposeful motorcycle and a pure expression of the “SR” sporting spirit. So much so in fact that the four-cylinder (with multiple innovations such as a new Ram air intake) was secretly

CFMOTO Day returns in 2023, new models announced image

developed by CFMOTO high-performance department 3 years ago. The 500SR applied cutting-edge technologies like Forged Aluminum Pistons, Stretch-Bolt Connecting Rods, and Low Inertia Crankshaft. According to CFMOTO, tests proved that the 500SR can effortlessly reach speeds of over 230 kilometers per hour.

CFMOTO Day returns in 2023, new models announced image

The 3rd featured new motorcycle during the CFMOTO Day was the 675SR. As claimed by CFMOTO, the new 675SR’s engine can deliver more than 100 Ps of power and over 100 Nm of torque. The bike has been built around CFMOTO’s new three-cylinder concept which was built from the ground up following the highest manufacturing standards and engineering processes.

CFMOTO Talent Trophy

CFMOTO has also set its eyes on the epitome of motorcycle racing - MotoGP. According to CFMOTO’s announcement, the firm presented the CFMOTO Talent Trophy to promote and inspire young racers to realize their dreams on the asphalt and one day compete at the MotoGP.

CFMOTO Day returns in 2023, new models announced image

CFMOTO also talked about plans to use the fruits of their R&D, their event specialists, and their growing knowledge of racing to help the crop of youngsters that will emerge from the first edition of the Talent Trophy in September. The selected few will also benefit from the expertise of CFMOTO’s European racing headquarters to learn the very best lessons and become the next generation of Chinese motorsport stars to reach the global stage.

CFMOTO Day returns in 2023, new models announced image

“Our owners are the most valuable component of CFMOTO," said Charles Ni, CFMOTO vice president. “The annual CFMOTO DAY is a carnival for our customers, clients, and CFMOTO enthusiasts from all over the world who come together for the love of motorcycles, enjoy the pleasure of speed and the unique brand culture of CFMOTO and 'EXPERIENCE MORE TOGETHER'. In the future, CFMOTO will continue to listen and cater to our users globally and provide products and experiences that exceed all expectations.”