New CCLEX will allow small bikes with a few limitations

Last week, the management of the newly-built Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX) announced that they will begin the registration and RFID tagging of sub-400cc motorcycles. These motorcycles will be officially allowed entry into the tollway – a first in the Philippines – so that they can conveniently travel from Cebu City to Cordova and vice versa.

Starting July 1st (as clarified by CCLEX), registration and RFID tagging will begin for small bikes, while entry and use of the newly-built expressway for small bikes will start on July 2nd, 2022.

Expressway limits specific to sub-400cc bikes

The convenience of an expressway has been a dream come true for many sub-400cc riders. Since this is the first time ever in the country to officially allow such use and entry of sub-400cc bikes inside the expressway, the management of CCLEX has outlined a few guidelines and limitations specific for small bikers:

40km/h speed limit

Cebu Expressway to limit sub-400cc bikes to 40KPH speed, MC Lane image

For riders of sub-400cc motorcycles, you are only allowed up to a maximum speed of 40 km/h on the main bridge and curves of the whole expressway, while you are allowed up to 60 km/h maximum speed on the causeway.

Sub-400cc bikes should use MC Lane

For sub-400cc riders, you are only limited to using the designated motorcycle lane (MC Lane) which is on the rightmost side of the expressway. The MC Lane is marked by blue paint.

Overtaking is NOT ALLOWED

Sub-400cc riders are not allowed to overtake fellow small bike riders while inside the CCLEX at all times.

1 backrider is allowed

Cebu Expressway to limit sub-400cc bikes to 40KPH speed, MC Lane image

Riding with a pillion passenger is allowed in accordance with relevant laws, especially Republic Act 10666 or the Children’s Safety on Motorcycles Act of 2015.

Overloading is NOT ALLOWED

Delivery riders onboard their small bikes carrying a load that is considered overloading by relevant laws and statutes will not be permitted entry to CCLEX due to safety reasons.

No slippers, tabo helmet

Cebu Expressway to limit sub-400cc bikes to 40KPH speed, MC Lane image

CCLEX management makes it clear that riders who are not wearing proper riding gear such as slippers/flipflops, tabo/bicycle helmets, and the like, will not be allowed entry inside the expressway.

As for the toll fee for sub-400cc motorcycles, CCLEX has told that they will update us within the week.