Consistent performance over a longer period

Castrol has created a product specifically for riders looking for more performance out of their engine oil. It recently launched Power1 Ultimate, a new range of fully synthetic engine oils for motorcycles designed to satisfy the demands of more discerning bike enthusiasts.

Power 1 Ultimate is engineered for outstanding performance across five key areas: improved acceleration, increased engine wear protection, smoother rides, better engine cooling properties and extended service life. The new full synthetic range is offered in different viscosities namely 5W-40 for scooters, 5W-40 for bikes, and 10W-50 specially designed for super bikes.

Castrol launches Power1 Ultimate synthetic oil for discerning riders image

“Discerning professionals and enthusiasts are at the forefront of Power1 Ultimate, inspiring its potent five-in-one formula that make it among the best performing motorcycle oils that the world has to offer,” said Maria Tanada, Head of Country, Philippines.

Castol has put Power1 Ultimate through rigorous testing in its development, and has been formulated to deliver optimal performance while at the same time preserving engine quality thanks to its fully-synthetic five-in-one formulation.

The oil was engineered to deliver surprising acceleration. Tested on Honda CBR300 and Honda ANC125 engines, it returned better acceleration than major bike and scooter lubricants. It provides 50% better wear protection versus industry limits across bikes and scooters. It enables smooth riding over a wide range of engine speeds and ensures that the clutch engages smoothly and does not slip or judder. It keeps the engine cool even in an extreme 12,000-km test, demonstrating consistent temperature control performance. Finally, it maintains 95% of its original performance. This was tested over 48,000-km in racetrack durability test.

Castrol launches Power1 Ultimate synthetic oil for discerning riders image

“We are thrilled to finally introduce the Castrol Power1 Ultimate range in the country to empower Filipino riders to push towards new boundaries in their riding experience,” said Tanada.

The Power1 Ultimate range will be made available in 1-liter packages with prices starting at Php415 for its 5W-40 bike variant, P450 for its 5W-40 scooter variant, and P530 for its 10W50 super bike variant.

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