Faster travel from C5 extension to C5 soon

Good news for motorists and riders of tollway-legal motorcycles as the DPWH announced that Segment 3A of the new C5 South Link is set to be opened in July. According to Secretary Mark Villar of the DPWH, once the C5 South Link is fully operational, it can reduce the travel time from Coastal Road (CAVITEx) to C5 from the current 1 hour to just 10 minutes.

The DPWH Secretary also added that the critical segment of this project was the fly over that would go over SLEx, bypassing Sales Road in Pasay and even EDSA if you're coming from Cavite or Las Pinas when going to Taguig or Quezon City.

Our colleagues from our sister site,, were among the first to try out the new segment. The video of their preview drive is just above.

C5 South Link to open next month – to 400cc motorcycles and cars image

400cc only

Secretary Mark Villar reiterated however that since this project is associated with the C5 Expressway network, the C5 South Link will be considered as a toll road, therefore only motorcycles 400cc and above along with private vehicles can utilize it. Though they are still finalizing the toll fees, it could range anywhere between PhP20.00 to Php22.00, according to Sec. Mark Villar.

C5 South Link to open next month – to 400cc motorcycles and cars image

The C5 Southlink Project (Segments 2 and 3) is a toll road project approximately 7.70 kilometers long with a 6-lane (2x3) expressway, stretching from R-1 Expressway (CAVITEx) to SLEx/ C5 and costs Php 12.645 Billion.