Tech company using facial recognition for parking security

Keep losing your parking card? Wish there was a better way to enter and exit car parks?

One tech company thinks there is with the use of biometrics. Biometrics, by definition, is the use of biological features like fingerprints or even facial characteristics to authenticate someone’s identity, pretty much like when unlocking your mobile phone.

Now, a tech company is currently exploring the possibility of using biometrics as a form of security for motorcycles.

Union Community Co. Ltd., a tech company that specializes in biometrics and identity management, is now working on technology that will use a rider’s identity (through facial recognition) as an ID to enter more secure areas, like restricted or pay-parking areas.

Dubbed as the Ubio-X MPass, they are testing this platform in Vietnam for possible deployment on parking lots. The system works by matching the rider’s identity with the motorcycle’s number plate before being allowed to exit the parking lot. This, the company says, could reduce or even eradicate the chances of a motorcycle being stolen from a parking lot.

Naturally, both the rider's face and vehicle plate number will have to be registered in the parking area's database. Its entrance and exits will also have to be equipped with face and plate number scanners.

Concerns raised

Some motorcycle riders, who viewed Union Community’s video on Youtube, commented, however, that they are concerned that this technology might be another form of data mining.

With lots of apps, even on social media, data is always gathered from people on what they usually like, visit, or even the things they buy. Companies then use this information to push ads and services better targetted to their potential customers.

This biometrics system, according to some skeptics, could, in a way, gather the rider’s data or could even work as some kind of monitoring device for the government.

Is this more convenient or is this something to be paranoid about?