BSA to produce motorcycles again after almost 50 years

Fans of classic motorcycles around the world will be very happy to hear that another classic British motorcycle marque will be back from the grave. India’s Classic Legends (CL) – the company responsible for bringing back Jawa and Yezdi – has announced that they will begin production of BSA motorcycles starting next year.

BSA Motorcycles was originally founded in 1919 as a subsidiary of the British Small Arms Company LTD., which was a huge producer of firearms at the time. They also produced bicycles, machine tools, and even cars and buses. At its peak in the 1950s, BSA was the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.

According to Classic Legends (owned by Mahindra), they have plans to produce BSA motorcycles from the ground up. The manufacturing facility will be in the UK, generating about 300 jobs, and a capacity of 10,000 motorcycles a year.

Besides the good ol’ fashioned combustion engine, these new generation BSA motorcycles will also come with fully-electric power plants, according to CL. The new bikes will be developed at BSA’s new technical and design center in Banbury, Oxfordshire, and built in a factory near Coventry.

Classic Legends and Mahindra chairman, Anand Mahindra, said that they chose to invest in the UK due to its rich history in terms of motorcycle production. Additionally, the UK government has supported this initiative, awarding BSA close to five million pounds of monetary grant to help the company develop new electric motorcycles.