Bristol Motorcycles will now offer Brixx motorcycles in its showrooms

Just recently, newcomer adventure bike brand, Brixx Motorcycles, launched last November at the Makina Moto Tiangge, has announced that they will be offered alongside with Bristol Motorcycles.

The move, according to Andrew Sy, Bristol Motorcycles' Vice President for Operations, was to consolidate and simplify their marketing efforts to make the Bristol brand stronger.

“Bristol has been known as the distributor of Brixx Motorcycles. We are now announcing that, as of February 3, 2020, Brixx and Bristol will now be proudly carried as one brand,” as announced on their official social media page.

Moving forward, the previously Brixx Venturi 500 adventure bike will now be rebranded as the Bristol Venturi 500.

The Bristol Venturi an adventure bike powered by a parallel-twin, 471 cc engine that produces 47.5 Ps at 8,500 rpm with a torque output of 43 Nm at 6,500 rpm. It has a 21-liter fuel tank, fully-digital instrument panel, 19-inch front, and 17-inch rear wheels and a seat height of only 820 mm. Bumps are taken care of by KYB upside-down forks in front and a rear KYB mono-shock absorber while stopping power is provided by the dual 4-piston Nissin calipers gripping 300 mm discs for the front and a Nissin caliper gripping a 240 mm disc in the rear, both with ABS. The fuel system is managed by Bosch EFI.

Prices start at P358,000, with an additional P20,000 if you want the complete aluminum top box and panniers package.