Wearing slippers still banned

It's ok to wear shorts while riding a motorcycle, according to MMDA Chief Traffic Inspector, Bong Nebrija. However, the MMDA will still apprehend any riders wearing slippers.

Motopinas got to interview the traffic czar during an earlier event to confirm whether the proposal to ban shorts while riding is already being enforced.

“In Metro Manila, walang hulihan ng naka shorts. Hindi siya bawal, for now. (In Metro Manila, we won't catch you if you're riding in shorts. It's not prohibited for now)."

Pag-naka shorts ka at naka-tsinelas ka, huhulihin ka namin (if you are wearing shorts and slipeprs, we'll catch) because you are in slippers. We apprehend them because they are in slippers because that is dangerous.”

According to the traffic czar, riders wearing slippers have been apprehended since the implementation of the motorcycle lane as part of the orders from the Metro Manila Mayors Council.

Earlier this year, the MMDA proposed to prohibit the use of shorts while riding as it does not provide adequate protection to riders. This still in the proposal stage and has yet to be approved for enforcement by the the Metro Manila Mayors Council.