Dual purpose lane

EDSA boss, Edison “Bong” Nebrija, confirmed today with MotoPinas.com, that the motorcycle lanes (MC Lane) along the stretch of EDSA are not only designated for motorcycles but also serve as an Emergency Lane for vehicles like ambulances, fire trucks and police cars.

This follows President Rodrigo Duterte's call on Tuesday for the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and the Philippine National Police – Highway Patrol Group (PNP – HPG) to escort emergency vehicles, especially through heavy traffic after reports have reached the Palace about patients dying inside ambulances stuck in heavy traffic.

Through a phone interview, EDSA boss, Bong Nebrija, has cited Metro Manila Council Resolution 08-01 series of 2008, designating the second lane of all major thoroughfares in Metro Manila as the Emergency Lane.

Bong Nebrija: MC lanes also dedicated for emergency vehicles image

For EDSA, the MC Lane also serves as the Emergency Lane. “Motorists should clear the MC Lane, as it will serve as the designated lane not only for ambulances but also for fire trucks, police cars, and all other emergency response vehicles. Vehicles on the lanes surrounding the MC Lane should also immediately make way,” said Nebrija.

The EDSA boss also reiterated that motorists should not question nor doubt if an ambulance has a patient inside or none. The bottom line is, these are emergency vehicles and they need to get to their destinations as fast as possible.

MMDA spokesperson, Assistant Secretary, Celine Pialago, has also said that they will apprehend drivers of vehicles who fail to yield and give way to emergency vehicles and will be slapped with a PhP1,000 penalty.