2024 S 1000 XR: more powerful and sleeker

Since its introduction in 2015, the S 1000 XR continues to be one of BMW Motorrad’s best-selling products. For 2024, the “S 1000 RR on stilts” will receive some performance, design and will have more standard features than ever.

Added power

BMW updates the S 1000 XR for 2024 image

Thanks to a reworked inline-4 engine, the 2024 model year-onwards S 1000 XR is now more powerful than the outgoing model, producing 170 hp @ 11,000 rpm. The previous model tops at 165 hp. The maximum torque generated is still 114 Nm at 9,250 rpm.

Improved ergos

BMW updates the S 1000 XR for 2024 image

In order to provide even more freedom of movement, especially during high-performance riding on country roads and race tracks, the seat of the new S 1000 XR has been completely redesigned. It now offers an extra 10 mm of seat height (850 mm) and provides more space for the buttocks by increasing the usable length and width of the seat, allowing for better adjustment of the seating position depending on the riding conditions. The improved ergonomics make it easier for riders to maneuver the

S 1000 XR on the road or on the race track, providing even better control. A total of three different seat heights are available.

Extended range of standard equipment

BMW updates the S 1000 XR for 2024 image

The 2024 S 1000 XR comes with an expanded standard equipment list. As part of the standard equipment, Headlight Pro provides additional safety during night-time rides with its adaptive turning light. The rider benefits from improved road illumination in corners.  The package also includes Daytime Running Lights (DRL) for better vehicle recognition during the day. Keyless Ride and a 12 Ah capacity battery are now standard features. Additionally, the new BMW S 1000 XR is equipped with a USB charging option as standard.

For more information on its availability here in the country, contact BMW Motorrad Philippines through their official social media pages.