A charge that lasts weeks

BMW isn't just working on electrified cars and motorcycles. They've also got electric-assist bicycles. Their latest creation in the latter category is the iVision AMBY – the first high-speed pedal-electric (pedelec) for urbanists, a visionary two-wheeled solution for the urban mobility of tomorrow.

This BMW e-bike has a 300+ km range image

AMBY stands for 'Adaptive Mobility.' From the outside, the iVision AMBY looks just like any bicycle. It has its pedal, chain, and gears, as well as seat and handlebar that is no different than any other bicycle. However, being an electric-assist bicycle or pedelec as BMW calls it, the stroke of the pedal can be assisted by the electric motor.

BMW adds that it is equipped with an electric drive system with three-speed ratings for different types of roads. The drive system enables speeds of up to 25 kph on cycle tracks, up to 45 kph on city-center roads, and up to 60 kph on multi-lane roads and outside urban areas.

The battery is positioned in the center of the frame. Its 2,000 watt-hour capacity enables a range of up to 300 km, depending on the riding mode. Thanks to fast charging technology, it recharges in only 3 hours – that’s just about the time it takes to finish a theatrical version of The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King movie.

The drive unit, which is positioned close to the pedals and is also black in color, only provides assistance when the pedals are being turned. Power transfer is by a low-maintenance toothed belt, and the transmission is integrated into the drive system. A sophisticated single-sided swinging arm otherwise unique to BMW Motorrad links the rear wheel with the frame. 120 mm of suspension travel front and rear is ideal for all applications in and around town at speeds of up to 60 kph. The 27.5-inch wheels are fitted with larger and wider tires than normal in order to ensure exceptional comfort and safety even at higher speeds.

This BMW e-bike has a 300+ km range image

A slim, horizontal LED light strip is integrated into the wide handlebars and underscores the cutting-edge, technical look of this frame section. Likewise, fully integrated brakes and internally routed cables set the seal on the aura of technical modernity covering the handlebar area. The vertical LED rear light is integrated into the seat post. Below it, an e-ink display shows the riding mode in use.

Other features include smartphone connectivity and controls via app, including digital key; electrically adjustable seat and speed modes.

The rear wheel with central fastening can be released and removed easily for optimum ease of transportation. The wheel in the front suspension fork can likewise be removed in a classical way with a screw. The result is compact construction, and the battery can also be removed and stored separately, which reduces load weight. All in all, the iVision AMBY only weighs more or less 30 kilograms.