BMW Tourers ready to show Gold Wing who's boss

BMW Motorrad makes long-distance riding pleasurable again with the arrival of two new tourer models, the R1250 RT and K1600 B.

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R1250 RT

It's first offering is the R1250 RT. Powered by the same powerplant as the new R1250 GS, the R1250RT also benefits from BMW ShiftCam technology for consistent power delivery throughout the entire power band.

Its flat twin 1,254cc engine produces 136-PS at 7,750 rpm and 143-Nm of torque at 6,250 rpm. The new ride-by-wire system allows power to be tempered by selectable ride modes such as Rain and Road. Power goes through a 6-speed helical gearbox and onto a shaft to drive the rear wheel. It keeps bumps at bay with a telelever central spring strut in front and a single sided swing arm with paralever in the rear.

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Besides the ride modes, the R1250 RT is fitted with Dynamic ESA for a variety of suspension damping options, ABS Pro for greater control over braking, ASC for continuous grip even in slippery situations, and Hill Start fitted as standard. A multi-controller is also fitted on the left handlebar to thumb through the various settings and ride data.

The R1250 RT has an 825mm seat height. It boasts of fuel consumption of 21.3 km/L and a 25-liter tank with a 4 liter reserve. It tips the scales with a wet weight of 279 kg.

The R1250 RT is offered at PhP 1,875,000.

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K1600 B

The K1600 B (B for bagger) is the pinnacle of touring, boasting of a six-cylinder inline engine, lots of storage space, and unparalleled ride comfort.

The K1600 B's inline-6 produces 160-PS at 7,750 rpm and 175-Nm of torque at 5,250 rpm. Best of all, 70% of this torque is available as early as 1,500 rpm. This power is transferred to a 6-speed helical gearbox that sends it to the rear wheel via a driveshaft. Despite the massive engine, the K1600 still achieves average fuel consumption of 17.5 km/L.

Controlling that power is a choice of three riding modes and DTC, allowing the rider to choose between Rain, Road, and Dynamic modes with just a button. It's brought to a stop with dual 4-piston caliper disc brakes in front and a single disc in the rear. Standard ABS Pro guarantees safe braking even on inclines, and allows riders to keep control of the motorcycle in tricky situations.

Keeping it aloft is a BMW's Duolever front wheel suspension with a central spring strut and a paralever system in the rear. Governed by Dynamic ESA, a highly-sensitive sensor box detects riding conditions and regulates the damper in the suspension to quickly adapt to any condition.

The K1600 also comes with the multi-controller handling concept, also fitted on the R1250 GS, which allows the rider to toggle through the color TFT-screen and view ride data on the fly.

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Finally, the K1600 features a variety of storage space solutions that are easy to access and convenient.

The K1600 B has a seat height of 750mm. It has a 26.5-liter tank capacity with a 4-liter reserve. It tips the scales at a hefty 350 kg.

The K1600 B is offered at PhP 2,195,0000.