Brakes can corrode and stick

BMW Motorrad in the US has issued a recall for certain small displacement bikes over potential brake issues. The recall affects the G310 GS, G310 R and C400X.

The recall was issued in accordance with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). It reports that long-term exposure to certain environmental and winter-time road-treatment conditions, corrosion can occur on the surface of the unanodized brake caliper piston bore. Both front and rear brake caliper pistons may corrode and possibly cause the piston to stick or drag in the caliper bore.

BMW issues recall on G310 series and C400X in the US image

If corrosion impairs the piston’s clearance within the bore, the piston can drag or stick leading to poor braking performance and increased risk of a crash. Other signs of the problem include noisy brakes, difficulting pushing the bike, visible signs of corrosion on the calipers, reduced performance when accelerating, or an unusual odor emanating from the brakes.

BMW issues recall on G310 series and C400X in the US image

This affects a total of 5,938 motorcycles in the US. 2,781 of which are G310 GS 2018-2020 models. The affected G310 R units are from the model year 2017-200. The affected C400X units are only for the 2019 model year.

BMW Motorrad will notify owners and dealers in the US to replace the front and rear brake calipers free of charge. The recall is expected to begin October 4, 2019.

BMW Motorrad Philippines has yet to confirm if the recall affects local units.