6 motorcycle brands teaming up for motorcycle safety systems

You will start to see more safety systems on the world's top motorcycle brand's models. Just recently, 6 motorcycle manufacturers renewed their pact to make motorcycles safer through the use of advanced technologies.

These manufacturers — BMW Motorrad, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., KTM AG, Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd, Suzuki Motor Corporation and Triumph Design Ltd. — have expressed their intention to support the goals of their union, called the Connected Motorcycle Consortium (CMC).

Connected Motorcycle Consortium (CMC)

The Connected Motorcycle Consortium was founded in 2016, with the primary goal of establishing standard, motorcycle-specific technology to make riding safer. For example, the V2X or vehicle-to-everything is an advanced system of communication between vehicles with the aim of making the roads safer for everyone.

BMW, Honda, KTM, Suzuki, Triumph and Yamaha teaming up for safety image

V2X is a system that will allow one motorcycle to communicate with another nearby motorcycle, whether on the same road in the same direction, oncoming, or on an adjecent street. This allows the bikes to talk to each other and share where they're headed, how fast they're going, and possibly even the make and model. This is to allow motorcycles with V2X systems the ability to determine the traffic situation on other roads, or even anticipate possible collisions and take steps to avoid it.

One of this groups achievements is the launch of a ‘CMC-Basic Specification’ on Dec 11, 2020. The Basic Specification is the first step to describe the function of motorcycle V2X systems. It's basically a uniform set of parameters all brands will adopt when implementing V2X.

BMW, Honda, KTM, Suzuki, Triumph and Yamaha teaming up for safety image

In the coming years, the participating manufacturers will further define essential functional requirements to standardize in detail.

CMC ‘Next’ increases cooperation with car & other vehicle industries

BMW, Honda, KTM, Suzuki, Triumph and Yamaha teaming up for safety image

A further crucial step for CMC ‘Next’ after 2020 is the cooperation with the car industry and other vehicle manufacturers since the motorcycles will communicate in a standardized way. Modern cars are increasingly being equipped with on-board sensor systems, like radar, 360˚ cameras, and other driver assistance systems. These vehicle systems need to include motorcycle recognition and communication systems in order to enhance their safety effects in case of mixed traffic with motorcycles.

These six motorcycle manufacturers, also encourage other motorcycle manufactures, suppliers, car manufactures and other related organizations to join the cooperation to further pursue the deployment of new technology-based systems for motorcycle safety.