A new motorcycle manufacturer made its debut at the 2017 Bangkok Internationa Motor Show. Strom, a manufacturer and distributor of electric vehicles showed off its renewable energy-powered lineup at the Impact Challenger Hall.

BIMS 2017: Strom launches electric line

Strom vehicles source their batteries from sister company, Oska Batteries, while relying on the retail and service experience of Jaguar Land Rover specialist dealer, Prestige Motorcars of Thailand.

BIMS 2017: Strom launches electric line

Strom presented four models, ranging from the Firefly motorcycle taxi, the Cheetah tourer, the Sailfish standard model and the Greyhound sport model.

Strom said customers can “choose their own paint colours via the customising service available to both fleet and individual buyers.”

BIMS 2017: Strom launches electric line

It also takes pain to dampen the instant torque common with electric-powered motorcycles with its own G-Control (gentle control) system, which allows the bike to accelerate from a standstill more gently.

Thanks to ties with Oska Battery, each bike has a battery warranty of up to 5 years. Strom boasts of top speeds ranging from 85 km/h (Greyhound) to as high as 115 km/h (Cheetah) and with a range from 125 km (Greyhound) up to 175 km (Cheetah).

Prices will start around ThB 49,000 (PhP 70,000) with the top of the range models approaching ThB 190,000 (PhP 273,000).