1-Rider files Fair Traffic Apprehension bill

As a motorist, especially motorcycle riders who are on the road every day, some of you may have already experienced being apprehended for a traffic violation. Whether it was intentional or not, settling the fines and getting back your driver’s license from the concerned traffic enforcement agency may take hours of your time and sometimes even the whole day. That means no work and no pay just to get your license back.

What’s worse is that if you can be apprehended by a law enforcement personnel even if you did not commit any traffic violation.

A congressman wants to end that.

1-Rider party-list representative Bonifacio Bosita has filed House Bill (HB) 3366, or An Act Enforcing Fair Traffic Apprehension, Granting For the Purpose of Compensation to Drivers of Motor Vehicles for Improper Traffic Apprehension and Imposing Administrative Sanctions for Erring Traffic Enforcement Personnel.

In a nutshell, if HB 3366 becomes law, motorists, if apprehended with or charged with a traffic violation, could be compensated if they prove their innocence and the erring traffic enforcement personnel will be charged with an administrative case.

“This bill seeks to promote fair traffic apprehension by providing compensation for motor vehicle drivers who are improperly apprehended for traffic violation and impose administrative sanctions against the erring traffic enforcement personnel,” Cong. Bosita said in his explanatory note.

The complete text of the proposed law is not yet available as of this time.