Suzuki Talibon HMAC 3S Shop is now open for business

Suzuki Motorcycle Philippines unveiled its biggest 3S Shop in the country in Talibon, Bohol, to serve as a landmark venue for the brand's commitment to providing the best service possible, parts, and high-quality motorcycle products.

Biggest Suzuki 3S shop in the PH opened in Bohol image

The Suzuki Talibon HMAC 3S Shop is the first 3S Shop with HMAC and the 11th with SMDI. Suzuki Motorcycles Philippines President Mr. Akira Utsumi said the expansion in Bohol is "definitely worth the wait" after the pandemic-induced mobility restrictions prevented both HMAC and Suzuki from opening a new shop in the Visayas. HMAC is a subsidiary of SMDI, Suzuki's long-term dealer partner, and owns the largest Suzuki 3S Shops in the Philippines.
"This shop is your one-stop store for anything Suzuki motorcycles – from scooters to semi-automatics or underbones to full-manual motorcycles or backbone to Spare Parts and After Sales Service, we have everything for you," said Utsumi.

The 3S experience

The 3S in Suzuki 3S Shop means Sales, Spare Parts, and Service. The brand is committed to providing optimum customer satisfaction by offering value-packed motorcycles, Suzuki Genuine Parts, and excellent service manned by competent personnel to assist clients with their motorcycle needs. 

Biggest Suzuki 3S shop in the PH opened in Bohol image 
The Talibon 3S Shop hosts the latest line-up of Suzuki's stylish, powerful and fuel-efficient motorcycles. These include the well-loved Maxi Scooter, the Burgman Street, and the trendsetter Skydrive Sport. There's also king of the Underbones, the Raider R150 Fi, the top-selling underbone leisure motorcycle Smash, and the bike made for the Filipinos – the Raider J Crossover. Other powerful backbones or full manual bikes available include the Gixxer SF250, Gixxer 250, Gixxer Fi, and the GSX-S150.
Suzuki's innovation

Suzuki Philippines Inc., General Manager for Motorcycle Sales and Marketing, Jun Bulot, said the brand makes it a point that all 3S Shops offer comfortable and clean spaces for its customers to relax. A viewing deck inside the store also allows customers to observe the service shop through a glass partition.

Biggest Suzuki 3S shop in the PH opened in Bohol image

"Suzuki 3S Shops are accessible and have high visibility in good and safe conditions. All of these are packed in this store which is designed tastefully emanating Suzuki's innovation," Bulot said.

"You are assured that our competent Suzuki Talibon HMAC 3S Shop Team will be with you along the way with their best service possible, coupled with the best motorcycle products from Suzuki," he went on to say.

New Normal challenges

According to Utsumi, the global Covid-19 pandemic has provided challenges "in so many ways." 

But he said Suzuki, SMDI, and HMAC "are here for you to ride ahead in these trying times." "Kaya naman Oras na para mag-motor!" Utsumi added as he thanked SMDI and the HMAC family for their continued trust and support of the Suzuki brand.