Only small bikes monitored

The topic of “open mufflers” (or modified exaust, aftermarket muffler) continues to be a hot one this week. This is following the announcement of a possible new  Anti-muffler ordinance in Manila that restricts these loud exhausts in both cars and motorcycles. 

Netizens were once again divided on the subject. To clear any confusion, Councilor Joel “JTV” Villanueva, who’s the principal author of the ordinance told that it will be properly enforced. Naturally, with all the buzz about the bill, a few details may have been missed.

If it is signed by the mayor and becomes a bonafide city ordinance, only traffic enforcers as well as deputized police officers are allowed to flag down and ticket erring motorists if they are properly equipped with a decibel meter. Barangay officials, on the other hand, cannot flag down or enforce the ordinance to motorists.

During Friday’s interview with Super Radyo DZBB, Councilor JTV shared more details on the ordinance. 

Coun. JTV said that vehicles used for car shows and racing/ motorsport competitions are exempted. Along with that exemption, motorcycles that are generally considered as “big bikes”, or motorcycles that have a 400cc and above engine displacement, are also exempted from the proposed ordinance. In short, only small displacement or sub-400cc motorcycles will be flagged down for compliance once Ordinance 8154 becomes a city-wide law.

Sa ilalim po ng ipino-propose natin na ordinansa, ang mga exempted po ay yung: mga inila-laban sa mga car show, sports competitions, at yung mga merong 400cc [motorcycle] pataas ay exempted po. (Under the proposed city ordinance, such vehicles are exempted if: they compete in car shows, sports competitions [racing], and motorcycles with 400cc and above displacement.)," said Coun. JTV to DZBB.

Considering that these show and race cars, as well as big bikes, are equipped with tuned or powerful engines, a mere ordinary (stock) exhaust could destroy the engine, added Coun. JTV.

Iba po kasi mga makina nito, malalakas po mga makina nito. Hindi pu-pwede yung [mga] ordinaryong tambutso dito. [Kundi] ay talagang masisira yung motor. (Their engines are different, more powerful. Ordinary exhaust pipes won’t work and may damage the engine.)