Loud pipes are prohibited in BGC

Motorcycle riders in general love to tinker with their rides. Not only that, it provides a quick getaway from boredom. The fact is, though, that tinkering with motorcycles also leads to endless “upgrading” or modification which often includes the installation of an aftermarket exhaust system.

Bawal ang loud pipe sa BGC image

Most of the time, these aftermarket exhaust systems exceed the maximum noise emissions allowed by current regulations and often get the ire of the general public. In fact, the City of Manila is the latest addition to localities that outlaw these “loud pipes”.

Touted as the “modern wonder of contemporary living populated by great minds and passionate hearts”, Bonifacio Global City (BGC), has been declared a “Quiet Zone” from 8 PM to 8 AM the next day, daily.

In a social media post, BGC reminds the public that its community is a Quiet Zone during the aforementioned times. The post further says “A gentle reminder to all vehicle owners, two or four-wheeled, to practice respect at all times.”

Bawal ang loud pipe sa BGC image

Though the announcement didn’t give any further details, it is likely that the announcement arose from numerous noise complaints from residents and business owners within BGC.

Additionally, the announcement did not specify what penalties await those who will be apprehended due to their loud exhaust. Until such specifics are issued, we just have to remember that the BGC marshals are LTO-deputized and can issue traffic citation tickets related to exhaust noise exceeding 99 decibels (if they’re equipped with a decibel meter).