Go for your dream bike

Big adventure bikes have always been on the wishlist of a good number of motorcycle riders. Unfortunately, even if finances allow, their height may not.

Thankfully, some brands offer solutions like a low suspension model, lowering kit, or a trimmed seat. There are also more radical solutions like changing the wheel size to something smaller (e.g.: 21-inch front wheel to 17 inches, 18-inch rear wheel to 17-inches).

Of course, these modifications can be quite costly and sometimes alter the bike’s ergonomics or how it rides.

A company in Spain has thought of a simpler yet more practical solution to a short rider’s dilemma: the UpBike overshoe.

Basically, the Upbike overshoe is a platform shoe that universally fits over any type of rider shoe at the toe. Whether worn over casual shoes or riding boots, the overshoe will give the rider a height boost of up to 1.5 inches (4 centimeters). Underneath, there’s a small recess to give the gear as well as the brake pedals a more natural feel for the rider. Of course, the only downside is the very obvious platform under the shoe.

The UpBikers platform overshoe can be ordered on the brand’s website for €74.90 (roughly PhP 4,400).

It may seem steep but may just end up being more reasonable than say a low suspension package for a BMW 1250 GS or downsizing your wheels.