Benelli TRK 800 is Qianjiang's next big bike project

Benelli has been awfully busy lately. It just launched a new inline-4 TNT 600i. As interesting as that model is, there could be another equally headline-grabbing model soon: the TRK 800.

Currently, the TRK is only offered as a 500cc adventure bike, but that could change soon. Some experts speculate that Benelli could build on a model from their sister brand, QJ Motor.

Benelli developing 800cc adventure bike imageQJ Motor SRB 750

Named after its parent company, Zhejiang Qianjiang Motorcycle Group Co., QJ Motor has just released a new adventure bike model called the SRB 750. The SRB 750 is QJ Motor’s second model, sold alongside their version of the TNT 600i, the Chase 600. Pundits argue that Benelli could use the SRB 750 platform and engine to create their own adventure version which could be the TRK 800.

However, Benelli was quick to deny this theory.

Benelli developing 800cc adventure bike imageBenelli TRK 502

"As already mentioned on several occasions, Benelli is working on the project of a new TRK based on the 750cc engine… This is an important project, which Benelli is developing entirely in Italy, but which has nothing to do with the new SRB 750 just presented," Benelli told Living with Gravity.

It may not share a platform, but there’s certainly no denying a TRK 800 is coming. Perhaps that SRB  engine may find itself bored up once in the TRK 800.

Benelli developing 800cc adventure bike imageBenelli TRK 502

Expect it to be a water-cooled parallel twin producing power somewhere in the area of 80 Ps and 75 Nm of torque, paired to a 6-speed transmission. Chances are, it will look very similar to the current TRK but with a few more premium touches to distinguish it from the other TRK models.

Benelli’s flex into larger displacements is nothing new as it already offers the 752S and Leoncino 800. However, only the 500cc versions are offered locally. That may chance soon with all the buzz the TNT 600i is already generating and the TRK 800 may drum up once nearing production.